MAKING & ENJOYING TELESCOPES, by Robert Miller and Kenneth Wilson, 160 pages, softbound, published 1995. The authors reviews the art of making telescopes from small hand held units to larger units. It illustrates the principles and variations of design, basic construction techniques and materials, how to repair and adapt older telescopes and more. Contains 6 complete projects. MILLER2782

Edition, by Jean Texereau, 429 pages, hardbound, published 1984.

The book covers the making a Newtonian telescope, a Cassegrain telescope, optical windows, equatorial mounts, eyepieces, and computer programs for the design of two mirror telescopes, e.g., Cassegrain, Dall-Kirkham, Pressmann-Camichle, and Ritchey-Chretien. TEXEREAU6042
BUILD YOUR OWN TELESCOPE - Complete Plans for Five Telescopes You Build With Simple Hand Tools, by Richard Berry, 240 pages, hardbound, published 1985. The book set forth various approaches to manufacturing a telescope using household tools and other readily available materials. He covers the grinding and polishing of both a six inch and eight inch diameter mirrors. The book is full of pictures and illustrations. BERRY6425
MAKING YOUR OWN TELESCOPE, by Thompson, 211 pages, hardbound, revised 1973. The book has over 100 illustrations and emphasizes the approach for making a six-inch Newtonian telescope. Covers grinding, polishing and testing a mirror. It also covers the fabrication of a diagonal, eyepiece selection, and other related topics. THOMPSON6123
CONSTRUCTION OF A MAKSUTOV TELESCOPE, by Fillmore, 29 pages, softbound, published 1978. This mongraph covers the construction of a 6 inch f/15 Gregory-Maksutov telescope and the use of a Ronchi in testing the optics. FILLMOREMAKS
AMATEUR TELESCOPE MAKING 1, by Albert Ingalls, 576 pages, hardbound, revised 1996. The author has included over 276 illustrations while he covers Newtonian telescope mirror making and the related testing methods. It also includes sections on workshop wisdom and observatory buildings. INGALLS6484
AMATEUR TELESCOPE MAKING 2, by Albert Ingalls, 576 pages, hardbound, revised 1996. The book contains sections on refractors telescopes, Schmidt Cameras, binoculars, optical flats, telescope mechanics and telescope adjustments. There are over 260 illustrations used to compliment the text. INGALLS6492
AMATEUR TELESCOPE MAKING 3, by Albert Ingalls, 624 pages, hardbound, revised 1996. Sections of the book cover optical production methods and machinery, eyepieces and small lenses, other optical instruments, optical coating and coating equipment, the eye and atmosphere, and instrumentation for solar observations. A total of 263 illustrations are used. INGALLS6506
ADVANCED TELESCOPE MAKING TECHNIQUES - Volume 1, OPTICS, by Allan Mackintosh, 320 pages, hardbound, published 1986 This book provides an overview on figuring, testing methodology and testers, telescope designs and designing approaches, optical theory, spectrohelioscopes, interferometers, and related topics. MACKINTOSH15
ADVANCED TELESCOPE MAKING TECHNIQUES - Volume 2, MECHANICAL, by Allan Mackintosh, 320 pages, hardbound, published 1986. The author presents information on grinding tools, generating curves, production of small lens, accessories for glass working, grinding and polishing machines, fabrication of testing flats, telescope construction, telescope accessories, and other tips on fabrication. MACKINTOSH23
STAR TESTING ASTRONOMICAL TELESCOPES - A Manual for Optical Evaluation and Adjustment, by Suiter, 376 pages, hardbound, published 1994. The book covers a method for testing the complete optical system of a telescope. The star testing approach provides a method to test the diffraction image itself and helps identify telescopes with bad optical components and poorly-aligned scopes. The author has illustrated each type of aberration to help the reader classify the images seen through telescope. SUITER6441
REFLECTING TELESCOPE OPTICS II, by R.N. Wilson, 400 pages, hardbound, published 1997. The book covers the manufacturing, testing, alignment, coating, and modern telescope developments, e.g., general pupil segmentation and techniques to reduce mass. This is a companion volume to Reflecting Telescope Optics I and will be available in April 1999. WILSON3565


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THE DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE, A Practical Manual for Building Large Aperture Telescopes, by David Kriege & Richard Berry, 475 pages, hardbound, published 1997. The book covers most of the options and the pros and cons of different approaches in the construction of large aperture Dobsonian telescopes. If one is considering building a large Dobsonian telescope then this book is the guide needed. For those that are building smaller Dobsonian telescopes, it would be of benefit to read it and apply the information to their efforts. KRIEGE6557
AMATEUR TELESCOPE MAKING, by Stephen F. Tonkin (Ed.), 259 pages, softbound, published 1999. The book is very complete in describing the steps in constructing many different types of telescopes. It has shoestring telescopes for those with a desire to experiment and make a functional scope for home or possibly as a school project. It has more advanced designs for those would want to make specialized telescopes or telescopes for astrophotography. It covers mounts and includes information on computerizing a dobsonian.


ALL ABOUT TELESCOPES, by Sam Brown, 192 pages, softbound, published 1994. The author presents many illustrations through the book. The book covers mirror grinding, polishing and figuring. It reviews the making of a telescope from scratch. Among other things, it also contains information on observing our solar system and deep sky objects. BROWN6204


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