FABRICATION METHODS FOR PRECISION OPTICS, by Hank H. Karow, 751 pages, hardbound, published 1993. The author covers: Optical material, material production and forms of supply, tools and fixtures, optical fabrication-methods and machines, optical shop testing-methods and instruments. KAROW2222
CUTTING AND POLISHING OPTICAL AND ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, by G.W. Fynn & W.J.A. Powell, 229 pages, hardbound, published 1979, reprinted 1983. The book encompasses the cutting, lapping, polishing and testing of material used in optical and electronic application. The authors cover electro-optical materials such as laser rods, acoustic wave plates, proustite, lead germanate, water-soluble crystals, zinc sulphide, zinc selenide, gallium arsenide, stainless steel and metallic materials. FYNN3734
MASTER OPTICAL TECHNIQUES, by A.S. DeVany, 600 pages, hardbound, published 1981. The book is divided into four parts. The first part covers fundamental operations in the fabrication of optical elements. The second section deals with the fabrication of different types of prisms and lenses. The third section covers the fabrication of parabolic mirrors and cameras of the Schmidt telescope systems. The final section covers an introduction to a knife edge test, single and double wire testing procedures, interferograms and Ronchigrams. DEVANY3687
OPTICAL SHOP TESTING, Second Edition, by Daniel Malacara, hardbound. The book reviews many different interferometric tests; the foucault, wire and phase modulation tests; Ronchi test, star tests and holographic and moire’ techniques, null tests using compensators. MALACARA2325
BASIC OPTICS AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, by Bureau of Naval Personnel, 485 pages, softbound, published 1969. The author presents an overview on general optical theory, basic optical instruments, construction of optical instruments, and the maintenance of naval instruments. NAVAL2918
PRISM AND LENS MAKING, Second Edition, By F.Twyman, 629 pages, softbound, published 1952. The text covers tools and material in general, dioptric substances, production methods for making lenses and prisms, and other general information. TWYMAN1502
THE HANDBOOK OF PLASTIC OPTICS, by U.S. Precision Lens Inc., 105 pages, hardbound, published 1973. The book covers the different types of plastic, methods of making plastic lenses, principal optical plastics, coatings, optical designs with plastic materials and optical tooling. PLASEN
OPTICAL PROCESSES IN SEMICONDUCTORS, by Jacques I. Pankove, 428 pages, softbound. First full-length treatment. Includes source material not found elsewhere, new findings, development of lasers. Many illustrative problems. 339 illustrations. PANKOVE2753