Background: Aquatic Optics® is a primary provider of corrective and prescription diving mask lenses to diving stores and original diving mask manufacturers.

Aquatic Optics® provides corrective and prescription diving mask lenses made from preformed optical glass blanks for more than 250 diving masks.  These are drop-in lenses that have the client’s prescriptions ground and polished into them. They are available for masks that have two primary lenses (right and left eye lenses). They are not cemented lenses and, therefore, the client’s mask does not have to be sent to Aquatic Optics® for installation unless you want Aquatic Optics® to do the installation. If a bi-focal correction is also required in the prescription, a bi-focal segment will be cemented on to the drop-in lens. Please refer to the section entitled “Preformed Diving Mask Lenses” that appears on the ribbon index to see if lenses are available for the mask you desire. Please contact Aquatic Optics® if you do not find preformed blanks for your diving mask of choice.

Aquatic Optics® also provides bonded (cemented) corrective and prescription lenses onto the existing lens windows in the client’s mask. First, the lenses are ground and polished to meet the client’s prescription.

After the lenses are polished, they are shaped to fit the mask and then an optical-lens-cement is used to cement them on to the existing mask lenses. The client’s mask needs to be sent to Aquatic for the lens to be shaped and mounted.

Aquatic Optics® can also provide custom finished lenses for prototype activities. Please submit a written (fax or e-mail) request for quotation and include a rough drawing with dimensions and dimensional tolerances. Aquatic’s fax number is 714-484-7600 and its e-mail address is aquaticoptics.sales@gmail.com

Aquatic Optics® first originated corrective full-view lenses for most diving masks in 1975. It is one of the first to offer Hi-index optical glass lens for diving masks (please refer to the “Lens Material” section in the index).

Spherical minus diving mask lenses are generally available for myopic or nearsighted conditions. They are manufactured to precision tolerances from -1.0 Diopter through -10.0  Diopter in increments of -0.5 Diopters. Other diopter curves may be available upon special request for high minus requirements or different diopter radius.

Spherical positive diving mask lenses are generally available for hyperopic or farsighted conditions. They are manufactured from  +1.0 Diopter  through +4.5 Diopter in increments of +0.5 Diopters.  Other Diopter curves may be available upon special request.

Prescription diving mask lenses are custom manufactured for each individual based on a copy of a written prescription from a licensed dispensing optician. In some instances, bonding/cementing may be required.

Other diving mask lenses are available for special applications (welding and other protective lenses). Please refer to the “Lens Material” section appearing in the index.

Aquatic Optics® does not sale diving masks at the present time. We encourage individuals to work with their local diving shops to insure the proper mask selection, i.e., to make sure the mask fits and meets their needs.